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#TeaserTuesday - Who in the world was he proposing to??? #romance #books

Happy #TeaserTuesday! :-)

Last week I introduced you to Kyra in THE GREEK’S READY-MADE WIFE, in my upcoming March release. She is chambermaid at the Blue Tide Resort in sunny Greece. She'd just walked in on a marriage proposal. But when she glances around, she finds herself alone with this sexy Greek tycoon. So who in the world was he proposing to???

If you missed the previous excerpt, you can find it HERE.



And then a thought struck Kyra. Surely this man wasn’t posing the question to her. The breath caught in her throat. No. Impossible.

Her puzzled gaze studied the man with the tanned face. She could stare at him for hours. His dark wavy hair made her long to run her fingers through it, while his startling azure-blue eyes seemed to see all. He kept staring at her as though he expected her to respond. Perhaps she hadn’t heard him correctly.

“I’m sorry. What did you say?”

His dark brows drew together as his forehead wrinkled. “I…asked if you’d marry me.”

He really had proposed. This stranger wanted to marry her? To say she was caught off guard was akin to saying the Hope diamond was just another trinket.

For just the briefest moment, she imagined what it’d be like if he was serious. Until now, no one had spoken those words to her. On those occasional Saturday nights when she was home alone, she wondered if she’d ever fall in love. But she wasn’t desperate enough to fall for the charming words of a stranger—however sexy he may be.

Besides, the last thing she wanted was to be tied down—not now when she’d just embarked on an adventure to find her extended family. She had other priorities and love wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t even on her lengthy to-do list.

She studied the serious expression on the man’s face. He certainly didn’t seem to be making light of his proposal. So then why had he proposed marriage to a total stranger? Was he delusional? Or had he made some sort of ridiculous wager with his buddies? 


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