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Monday Mayhem: Stretching my boundaries and needing input

Happy Monday! :-)

I’m just getting over a cold that really slowed me down this past week. :-( Talk about bad timing. But then again, is it ever a good time for a cold? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Anyway, I’m falling behind and I have 3 deadlines in the next few weeks plus Valentine’s Day (one of my favorite holidays). Hmm….I’m going to have to work extra fast. If only… Some days the words flow quickly and smoothly. Other days, the words come at a slow trickle. Luckily I have a wonderful accountability partner who helps keep me on track. ;-)

So while I was sick and the words got lost trying to make it through my foggy, sickly brain, I decided to explore Pinterest. I know that I’m really late to the game, but when you’re a one-man-show, time is quite limited. So while I was sick, I took the plunge. It’s not done by a long stretch, but it’s started and I plan to keep adding more boards to it.

If you want to see my Pinterest boards, you can find/follow them HERE.

So who all has a Pinterest account?

Now I need a little input. What items of interest do you think I should share on Pinterest?