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When left off last week, Sofia and Niko had hooked up at the wedding reception. Sofia had finally broken through Niko’s protective shell and they were enjoying themselves. Now we’re about to jump to chapter one.

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The Greek's Nine-Month Surprise (Brides for the Greek Tycoons, book 2)

EXCERPT / Chapter One – Part 5:

Twelve weeks later…

He was late.

He was never late. Nikolas Stravos III expelled a disgruntled sigh as he stood in the shower. There was something about being at the Blue Tide Resort that always seemed to have him acting out of character. His previous stay had included the most f ascinating evening with the most incredible woman. He smiled at the memory.

He turned away from the spray of water, letting the soapsuds slide down his body. He leaned forward, pressing his palms against the cold tiles. The jets of water beat against the backs of his shoulders. Hundreds of droplets of water came together and trickled down his spine. He longed for the pulsating rhythm to ease away the ache in his tense muscles.

A lot had happened since he’d last been to the Blue Tide. He now had a solo voice in the operation and direction of the Stravos Trust, a position he’d been groomed to ascend to since childhood. But no one had warned him the promotion would cost him dearly.

It’d all started here at the resort, at Cristo Kiriakas’s wedding to Kyra, Niko’s newfound cousin. The memories unfolded in his mind like a promo to a blockbuster movie, hitting all the highlights.

Some of the recollections were amazing, like getting to know Sofia, the maid of honor. And spending a glorious night together, an evening he hadn’t been able to banish from his mind. But as good as that brief period had been, what had followed was horrific—losing his grandfather suddenly to a heart attack. The memory still sliced through him. There had been no time for goodbyes—no final words. It was all over before Niko had time to react.

He cursed under his breath as he turned off the water. Life could be so cruel sometimes. If he’d learned one thing, it was that everything could change at the drop of a hat. No notice. No nothing. And then you were all alone in this big, cold world. It was the story of his life.

Niko reached for the towel waiting for him just outside the shower stall. Instead of thinking about his upcoming business meeting with Cristo to finalize the terms of the sale of the Stravos Star Hotels, Niko found his thoughts spiraling back to Sofia. He ran the plush towel over his face. He made a mental note to inquire about her. He hadn’t even gotten a chance to learn where she lived. By the time he’d awoken on that not-so-long-ago morning, she was gone. Like a dream, she’d vanished—


The startling noise drew his thoughts up short. What was that? It sure sounded like something had fallen over. But how was that possible? He didn’t recall leaving a window open for the breeze to wreak havoc. But he conceded that, in his exhausted state after working day and night, anything was possible. And he had opened the windows last night when he’d first arrived. Perhaps he’d forgotten to close one of them.

Not bothering to dry himself off, he draped the towel around his waist, anxious to find out what damage had been done. His feet moved soundlessly over the cool ceramic tile floor.

He stepped into the outer room when he heard, “Ghuahh!”

He stopped in his tracks. He scanned the room, at last settling on a most beautiful woman. Her eyes were round with alarm as she straightened, holding a lamp that belonged on the end table. Who was this woman? And what was she doing in his bungalow uninvited?


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