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New #book coming soon... The Greek's Nine-Month Surprise ~ #Excerpt #romance

In less than 2 weeks, THE GREEK'S NINE-MONTH SURPRISE (Brides for the Greek Tycoons, book 2) will be available! :-) I had so much fun writing this book. I hope you'll check it out. It a round-the-world romance, literally. The hero/heroine visit places like Tokya, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

It's available for pre-order now. Click HERE.

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I thought you might enjoy an excerpt from THE GREEK'S NINE-MONTH SURPRISE:

“Sofia, wait!”

She stopped at the edge of the porch. She inhaled a couple of deep breaths. Her stomach settled a bit. Her hands gripped the wood and squeezed tight, willing herself to remain calm enough to utter words.

“I need to tell you something.” So far so good. Now if only she could get the rest out. “It’s about the night of the wedding.”

“It’s okay.” Niko stopped just behind her. His voice was much softer than it had been just moments before. “I understand. I haven’t been able to forget that night, either.”

“You haven’t?” She turned, finding him much closer than she’d expected. That was not what she was expecting him to say.

His voice lowered and vibrated with emotion. “No, I haven’t. It was special.” He stared deep into her eyes. “You are special. But after you disappeared without a word, I thought you regretted it.”

Her heart leaped into her throat. Was this really happening? Was it possible she’d totally misjudged him? “You really mean it? About the special part?”

His head dipped, and his lips claimed hers. There was no room for doubt in his kiss. This was how she remembered things from that one magical night. Maybe it’d been the sparkling wine or the romantic ballads, but Niko had swept her off her feet…just like now.

His lips moved over hers, brushing aside the rush of turbulent emotions and replacing them with pure, undiluted passion. She suddenly remembered how on that not-so-long-ago night she’d momentarily disengaged from her common sense and followed her heart. Their time together wasn’t supposed to be anything serious, but sometimes actions have consequences. And in her—well, their—case, it was a life-altering consequence.

But as his hands moved over her back, her stiff muscles eased. Her body leaned into his. Her hands wrapped around the back of his neck as her fingertips played with the longer strands of his dark hair. She could easily get used to this—quite easy indeed.... 

Brides for the Greek Tycoons:

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