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A Special #TeaserTuesday! The Greek's Nine-Month Surprise releases tomorrow!!! #books #romance

This is an extra special #TeaserTuesday :-)

Tomorrow THE GREEKs NINE-MONTH SURPRISE releases. :-)

When we left off last week, Niko had returned to the Blue Tide Resort. When his path crosses Sofia, he doesn’t get the reaction from her that he’s expecting. In fact, she takes off, leaving him with more questions than answers…

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If you missed the previous excerpt, you can find it here: http://jenniferfaye.com/the-greeks-nine-month-surprise

EXCERPT / Chapter One – Part 7:

Niko pressed his hand to the wooden rail as he watched her make her way along the path surrounded by lush, colorful vegetation. All too soon, she disappeared from sight. The part that stuck with him was the fact she’d been wearing a maid’s uniform. She works here?

A whistle drew his attention. He turned to find a pretty brunette in a red bikini sunbathing not far from his bungalow. She flashed him a toothy smile and waved, but he didn’t return the gesture, not wanting to encourage her attention.

His phone chimed with a reminder that he had a meeting in fifteen minutes. With a shake of his head, he turned and headed inside the thatched-roof bungalow. Thoughts of Sofia persisted. Had she, too, been unable to forget about their time together? Was that why she’d shown up at his bungalow? But if so, why had she run away? Surely it wasn’t his lack of clothing. It had to be more than that. But what?

He inwardly groaned as he removed the first suit he came across in the wardrobe. His knowledge of women wouldn’t even fill up a shot glass. And he had no intention of learning more—at least not anytime soon. And when he did decide to settle down, it would be a marriage of convenience.

He’d experienced enough loss in his life. He wasn’t about to risk his heart on romance. A strategically planned marriage would be best for all concerned. It’s what made the most sense. From what he’d observed, emotions were too fickle. Sometimes he wondered if romantic love truly existed or if people only imagined it. He sighed. Even if it did exist, he was better off without such an entanglement. It just made life more complicated than it needed to be.

If he were smart, he’d forget Sofia. That was the best thing he could do for both of them, because he had nothing to offer her except a moment here or a moment there. Certainly nothing consistent— nothing lasting.

In fact, tomorrow he would be jetting off, far from the Blue Tide Resort. His grandfather had given him one last mission to complete. And that had to be Niko’s focus—not a beautiful woman with eyes full of mystery.

Brides for the Greek Tycoons:

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Available Print & Digital

The Greeks Nine-Month Surprise, book #2 releases tomorrow!!!

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Available Print & Digital


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