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A very special #TeaserTuesday...introducing A MOMENT TO CHERISH #books #romance

Welcome to a very special #TeaserTuesday :-)

Today I get to introduce you to the lastest addition to the Whistle Stop series…A MOMENT TO CHERISH 💍 is available for pre-sale now (print and digital).

EXCERPT / Chapter One – Part 1:

Please let her be okay.

Bella Nez laced her fingers together to keep from nervously fidgeting. She shifted on the hard plastic hospital chair, unable to take her gaze off her dearest friend. The hallways of Whistle Stop General Hospital were surprisingly quiet, but that didn’t put Bella at ease.

Thursday morning was definitely off to a bad start. Very bad. She hoped it wasn’t an omen for the rest of the day.

Bella leaned forward. “What happened?”

“I was late. So I was rushing to the dress shop. I wasn’t paying attention, and I tripped on the edge of the curb.”

“Are you sure nothing’s broken?”

“They took X-rays and ran a bunch of tests. They said they were concerned because of my age.” Miss Mabel sighed loudly. “I told them I never felt younger. I don’t think they believed me.”

Miss Mabel’s age was one of Whistle Stop’s mysteries. If anyone asked, she claimed she was thirty, give or take a year or two. Miss Mabel had been giving that same answer for so long that no one could actually recall her correct age—at least no one who would admit it. If Bella were to wager a guess, she’d say her friend was closing in on eighty. Her assumption was based on years of listening to the woman’s stories about growing up in Whistle Stop.

The truth of the matter was Miss Mabel had more energy than a lot of women half her age. “Did they say when they’d have the test results?”

“I tried to weasel some information out of the radiologist, but the young man wouldn’t tell me anything. He said I’d have to wait until Doc Willard looks at them.” Miss Mabel waved her hands in frustration. “It’s a bunch of hoopla over a few bruises. I’m already feeling better.”

Bella studied the woman’s pale complexion before shifting her gaze to the IV bag and the heart monitor. It certainly seemed like an awful lot for a few bruises. Was there more wrong with Miss Mabel than her injuries from the fall?

Whistle Stop Series:

A Moment to Cherish, book #4:

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