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#TeaserTuesday... A Snippet from HER FESTIVE BABY BOMBSHELL #Christmas #romance #books

Welcome to #TeaserTuesday :-)

I’m sharing an excerpt from my upcoming Christmas release, HER FESTIVE BABY BOMBSHELL with beautiful Holly Abrams and sexy billionaire Finn Lockwood.

If you missed the previous excerpt, you can find it here: http://jenniferfaye.com/her-festive-baby-bombshell





With her back to him, she inwardly groaned. Her gaze moved to the elevator at the end of the hallway. Her escape was so close and yet so far away. Suppressing a resigned sigh, she turned.

“Come with me.” Without waiting for her response, he strode into his office.

What in the world did he want with her? Her black peep-toe platform pumps echoed as she crossed the marble floor. She couldn’t tell which was louder, the click-click of her heels or the thump-thump of her heart. Most people didn’t make her nervous, but Mr. Lockwood was the exception.

When Holly entered the spacious office, she had to admit she was awed. While he read over the document, she took in her surroundings. Behind Mr. Lockwood’s desk stood a wall of windows. Being so high up, it provided the most amazing view of Manhattan. She longed to rush over and stare out at the bustling city, but she didn’t dare.

The sound of a desk drawer opening distracted her. Mr. Lockwood appeared to be searching for something. While he was preoccupied, she continued her visual tour of his office. It reminded her of a museum with its impressive sculptures as well as a baseball collection ensconced in glass cases. But the bookcases spanning an entire wall were what drew her in.

She struggled not to gape at the large collection of books. He liked to read. They had that in common. She wanted to slip across the room and examine the titles, but when she glanced over at Mr. Lockwood, he pointed to one of the two chairs in front of his desk. Without a word, she complied.


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