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Happy #TeaserTuesday :-) Are you ready for some holiday romance? #excerpt #Christmas

Happy #TeaserTuesday :-)

Can you believe that it’s almost time for Christmas romances, lots of shopping and some holiday cheer??? The countdown is on and there’s less than 100 days until the big day. ;-)

And today I’m sharing a snippet of my upcoming Christmas release, HER FESTIVE BABY BOMBSHELL with beautiful Holly Abrams and sexy billionaire Finn Lockwood.

If you missed the previous excerpt, you can find it HERE



“What do you think of the office?”  

“It’s very nice.” Holly indicated the floor-to-ceiling bookcases. “Have you read them all?”  

“I have. And what about you? Do you like to read?”  

“Oh, yes.” She laced her fingers together to keep from fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. “I read every chance I get.”  

“Is that why you’re not downstairs at the company’s fiftieth anniversary celebration? Would you prefer to be at home reading?”  

Was this some sort of test? She hesitated. Was there a right and a wrong answer? Her clasped hands tightened as his gaze probed her. Could he tell how nervous his presence made her?  

“I missed the party because I needed to finish the contract.” She indicated the document on his desk. “I was just going to leave it for you before I headed home.” She wasn’t the only one not attending the party. What was his excuse for skipping his own celebration? “I figured you’d be at the party.”  

“I already made a brief appearance. No one will let their guard down around the boss so I made a quick exit, letting everyone get back to having a good time.”  

She could totally understand people being nervous around him. He was an intense man, who insisted on only the best from his employees. “That can’t be much fun for you.”  

He shrugged. “I’m fine with it.”  

She looked at him in a new light, realizing for the first time that the privilege of working up here in this ivory tower was also a sentence of isolation. “It doesn’t seem right that you’re working instead of celebrating your family’s accomplishments.”  

He shook his head. “This is the way it must be.”  

Well, now, that was an odd comment. It was on the tip of her tongue to question him about it, but she thought better of it. She had a feeling his pleasantness had its limitations.

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