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Welcome to #TeaserTuedsay! The sexy billionaire finds his Christmas spirit... #romance #books

Happy #TeaserTuesday :-)

Today I’m sharing a snippet of my upcoming Christmas release, ⛄ HER FESTIVE BABY BOMBSHELL with beautiful Holly Abrams and sexy billionaire Finn Lockwood.

If you missed the previous excerpt, you can find it here: http://jenniferfaye.com/her-festive-baby-bombshell



“Isn’t it a bit late for you to be working?”

Overtime was nothing new to Holly. After a failed engagement, she’d sworn off men and instead focused all of her energy on her career. When she was working, she felt confident and driven.

“I…uh, have these papers for you.” She held out the large manila envelope to him. “I was told you wanted this contract right away.” When he went to retrieve the envelope, their fingers brushed. A jolt of awareness arched between them. The sensation zinged up her arm and settled in her chest.

“Thank you.” As the seconds ticked by, he asked, “Is there something else you need?”

Need? Her gaze dipped to his lips—his very kissable lips. She remembered their last meeting in the elevator. They’d been alone when she’d dropped a slip of paper. They’d simultaneously bent over to retrieve it, bringing their faces so close. When they’d straightened, he’d stared at her as though seeing her as a woman instead of as a paralegal in Lockwood’s legal department. She knew when a man was interested in her, but when the elevator dinged and the doors slid open, the moment had passed. It had left her wondering if it’d been a product of wishful thinking on her part.

And now, before she made a further fool of herself, she needed to make a speedy exit. “I’ll just let you deal with that.” She turned to retrace her footsteps back to the elevator when she remembered her manners. She glanced over her shoulder. “Good night.”


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