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Jennifer Faye's Christmas #Giveaway - Day #3

Christmas 2017 - 3.png

Welcome to my newsletter-subscriber annual Christmas party. This my chance to give back to the readers some of the joy that they give me every day through their interaction on social media, their emails and their continued reading of my books.

And this is my biggest giveaway ever... :-)

Monday-Friday, I will announce the book winners. Come Saturday and Sunday, I'll announce the grand prize winners.

NOTE: This giveaway is for newsletter subscribers only and is now closed to new entries. Don't miss out on future giveaways as well as receive book release updates and news of special sales, you can sign up for my periodic newsletter HERE.

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And the winners are…

  • Maria Dalmau - The Greek's Nine-Month Surprise
  • Stephanie Balistreri - Her Festive Baby Bombshell
  • Charlotte Romero - The Millionaire's Royal Rescue
  • Brandee Adriance - A Princess by Christmas
  • Diane Thomas - The Greek's Ready-Made Wife
  • Jackie Wisherd - Rancher to the Rescue
  • Uhonoma Aguebor - Safe In The Tycoon's Arms
  • Amy Greenwood - Snowbound with the Soldier
  • Doris Lankford - A Moment To Love
  • Dawn Anderson - Snowbound with the Soldier