Hearts & Scribbles

Weigh-in Wednesday – The Perfect Storm

It’s check in time…again.

I must say that since the end of August I’ve been keeping up with my elliptical and I started adding in some free weight routines. Things were going well. I’d dropped 10 pounds…

And then the perfect storm hit last week…

What was that you ask?

It was the combination of Thanksgiving, an early Christmas (with the whole family around all week and eating out…a lot!) and a pressing book deadline. Yikes!

The diet and exercise took a hike for the week. And I didn’t beat myself up over it. There’s only so much I can do. So instead I enjoyed myself—guilt free.

And what am I doing this week?

Staying away from the scale. I’ll catch up with it next week. I don’t want to be defeated when I’ve just climbed back on the Weight Watcher’s wagon.

I’m also getting back to my daily exercise and sorting out the goodies in the fridge so I can be good on my diet.

And how about you? How do you handle big family events/holidays?

Weigh-in Wednesday - A Milestone #dieting #weightloss

Happy Wednesday! :-)

It's a beautiful day. A gorgeous day. Yes, I know some are in the grips of an arctic express while others of us wait for it to strike wondering if it'll bring the first snow of the season. But even that can't ruin my week.

My scale was good to me. At last!

I lost ten pounds!!! :-)

I hope this is my first of many more milestones. Fingers crossed.

I'm still keeping up with my Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine and elliptical. It seems to be working. And as added incentive I get to watch Y&R while on the elliptical. It really works as an incentive since I don't have time the rest of the day.

Now it's your turn. How's your fitness coming? Any helpful tips you'd like to share with us?

Weigh-in Wednesday - I did it! Oh boy! Look out now!

I honestly never thought I'd be writing this post. Seriously.

But it's amazing what one's family can get a person to do.

So here it is...

I signed up for my first 5K.

Yep, you read that correctly.

HOWEVER...I'm not running. First of all, I'm not conditioned for it. And secondly I'm fond of my non-aching joints. ;-) So I'm walking it. :-)

Hey, it's better than nothing. Right???

Maybe some day I'll try running a 5K. I don't know. We'll see. It's hard to tell what my family will talk me into next. LOL.

I'll let you know how it goes. ;-)

Weigh-in Wednesday: Slow and Steady

Hi. I'm checking in.

And I have news. :-)

Since I climbed back on the weight loss wagon on Aug 25th, I've lost 8.5 pounds. I know it's not a ton. I've never been one of those people who can drop large amounts in a short amount of time. Boy, I wish. Wouldn't that be awesome???

But my weight loss is steady and it's going down so that makes me happy.

So what am I doing?

It's a combo of Weight Watcher's, my new elliptical and Lean Cuisine. I can't do fad diets. I need something that is real and something I can live with. These three things are doable for me. That's the trick I think, finding what works for you.

So what works for you???

Weigh-in Wednesday - Keeping Up...

Hi. It's that time of the week again...time to check in. I missed last week because I had two book deadlines and they had to be my priority. But anyway I'm here with some good news. Yay!

Now that I'm getting back on track, I've lost six pounds. Not a lot but it's steady and as long as it keeps up, I'm happy. :-)

I've been doing my elliptical on a regular basis combined with Weight Watchers. I love that fruit and vegetables are free on WW. But some of the other point values do have me scratching my head. Like my little bowl of yogurt and granola is 7 points. Seems like a lot for such little. But I'm not giving it up. I love it and it keeps me from getting hungry when I'm exercising. So to my way of thinking it's worth the points.

Now I know I owe you some recipes I will make a point of getting one posted next week. This is the time of the year when I tend to come up with more recipes. So keep an eye out for them.

So who out there is getting in shape? Are you following any specific exercise or diet plan?